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Notices Needed in Purchasing Fast Gate in Langfang



With the continuous updating of Fast Gate products, now many individual businesses have joined the ranks of fast gate sellers. When selling Fast Gate products, they tend to make the function and function theory of smallpox.


In fact, regardless of the quality of their products or after-sales, it is worrying. Very common is that after the problem, the buyer can not find the seller, and can only find other manufacturers to repair at a high cost.



The following are the precautions for customers to purchase express doors, hoping to provide a reference for purchasing customers.



1. Only responsible for selling, not after-sales



This problem is quite common. Many consumers think that the express door is a durable electronic product when they buy it, but often neglect the link of after-sales service. Many businessmen seldom mention the content of providing after-sales service when they sell the express door products in view of the loopholes in their consumption habits.

虽然工业电子产品比较新的发现故障的概率比较小,「张家口快速门」互锁式堆积门调试注意事项 「张家口快速门」互锁式堆积门调试注意事项

Although the probability of finding faults in industrial electronic products is relatively small, attention should be paid to the debugging of "Zhangjiakou Express Gate" interlocking stacking door and "Zhangjiakou Express Gate" interlocking stacking door.


But once a problem is discovered, it may affect the generation, which is very good and can be solved immediately. From the past maintenance records of Longsheng Gate Industry, many repairs are that consumers can not find the original vendors, and can only find other well-known manufacturers, which is obviously not worth the loss.


Therefore, it is recommended that consumers choose a well-known brand manufacturer with field certification when purchasing express door products.





II. Low Price and Low Allocation Trafficking


The words "3000 sets of express doors and 4000 sets of express doors" have been seen by many consumers. Why does the "Tangshan Express Gate" tremble violently when it runs? Even consumers may feel that the express door set is about 3000


In fact, when consulting, it will be found that either the price is not only here, or the products that were eliminated in the last few generations. At the same time, this low-cost product is basically a configuration reduction in all aspects.


The first and most obvious is the drive control system. At this stage, the main application of large manufacturers is servo motor and control system. The advantages are long service life, high customization, superior function and low-cost fast door.


The basic acceptance of the previous generations of variable-frequency motors, the advantages of variable-frequency motors are particularly cheap, functional aspects can only be said to be suitable for use, the very fatal disadvantage is short life, because the rapid gate application scenario determines that it needs frequent switching start every day.


Frequency conversion motors are easy to burn, but servo motors benefit from the new layout, so a thousand times a day switch is completely okay. The second is the reduction of material quality and thickness.


Cheap may only use a light iron plate to do the door layout, this early stage will not see anything unusual, but as long as a period of time, the air will react with the iron plate chemical reaction, light lead to iron plate rust, heavy, the whole iron plate is scrapped.

而大厂家基本应用201不锈钢或者304不锈钢,「天津硬质快速门」防爆PVC快速门品牌 ,在雅观和耐用性上最的好。

And large manufacturers basically use 201 stainless steel or 304 stainless steel, "Tianjin Hard Fast Gate" explosion-proof PVC Fast Gate brand, the best in elegance and durability.



There are other aspects, such as the thickness of the curtain and so on. The low-cost express doors are all used at very low and very cheap prices, because they only consider selling one set instead of after-sales issues.



Therefore, Xiaobian here suggests that when you buy Fast Gate products, try to choose well-known domestic manufacturers to avoid falling into the pit of purchasing after-sale, backward products because of low prices!


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