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Installation of "Xingtai Express Door" Mianzhu Hard Fast Rolling Door



Huainan Fast Curtain Door Ordering Hotline | Installation Procedure of Fast Access Control --- Longsheng pointed out that how to install Fast Access Control?


Longsheng Menye small edition from the following three aspects for your specific introduction: detailed inquiries below contact information, you can also add below Weixin two-dimensional code for consultation.


I. Wiring Specification

1、 门禁的读卡器到控制器的连接线建议应用8芯屏蔽双绞线(其中3芯备用),连接线径大于0.3毫米,感应快速卷帘门,控制器到读卡器距离不大于100m,建议在80米以内。

1. The connecting line from the card reader to the controller of the entrance guard is recommended to use 8-core shielded twisted-pair cable (3 of which are spare). The connecting line diameter is greater than 0.3 mm. The distance between the controller and the card reader is not more than 100 m. It is suggested that the distance between the controller and the card reader should be less than 80 meters.

2、 锁到控制器的连接线需接纳2芯电源线,控制器到锁距离不可以超过100米,线径大于1.0 mm。如有需门磁检测线则需多2芯线。如果输出12V电源有明显降压则可以微调电源电压到13.6V或单独给电锁供电。

2. The connection wire of the lock to the controller needs to accept two core power supply wires. The distance between the controller and the lock can not exceed 100 meters, and the diameter of the wire is larger than 1.0 mm. If the door magnetic detection line is needed, two more cores are needed. If the output 12V power supply has obvious voltage reduction, the power supply voltage can be fine-tuned to 13.6V or powered to the lock separately.

3、 按钮连接线和门磁连接线需接纳2芯电缆线,线径大于0.3mm。

3. Button connection wire and door magnetic connection wire need to accept 2-core cable, the diameter of which is greater than 0.3 mm.



4、 控制器通讯线(包括485/422、232和韦根等通讯线)必须接纳国际通用的8芯屏蔽双绞线,这样可有效防止和屏蔽干扰。

4. Controller communication lines (including 485/422, 232 and Wigan) must accept the internationally used 8-core shielded twisted pair, which can effectively prevent and shield interference.


The length of bus with diameter greater than 0.3 mm is suggested to be less than 1000 meters. If it is longer, please choose other special 485/232 converter or repeater, and choose thicker communication cable.


5. No strong electric chisel or strong wire pipe shall be used for the equipment. If the environment is limited, parallel lines should be kept away from more than 50CM.


II. Attention to Safety Matters


1. Although the controller has anti-static and lightning protection plans, make sure that the power supply and chassis are well grounded to ensure that the circuit is not damaged by static electricity, lightning and other equipment leakage, so that the equipment can be used stably.

2、不要带电拔插接线端子,或者带电焊接操作,地磁感应堆积门 ,焊接接线时应该先拔下所对应的接线座。

2. Do not pull out the terminal of the connection with electricity, or operate the welding with electricity. The geomagnetic induction stacking door should be pulled out first when welding the connection.


3. Do not let the fee specialist disassemble the components on the controller, otherwise it may cause the loss of system information or chip damage.




4. Connecting to the +12V terminal is conducive to giving full play to the function of the card reader. If the card reader is powered by +24V, please equip it with a linear power supply separately and share common ground with the controller. And do not indirectly introduce + 24V into the controller, otherwise it will cause burnout.


5. The controller can directly plug in UPS uninterruptible power supply to ensure that the system can continue to work after power failure. The system is equipped with power-off protection device, even if the power-off system settings information and records will not be lost.


6. Avoid connecting the power supply of the controller to the other high current working equipment as far as possible.


The working current of the relay is very large 7A. If you control the larger current equipment, please install a higher power relay. It is very good to make a switch with separate control from the main control power box.


7. When installing remote controllers or other additional value-added devices, be careful not to introduce the remaining electrical signals into the controller. It is recommended that you contact our engineers before all the most routine installation and improvement.


III. Installation Matters

1、 读卡器、按钮安装

1. Installation of Card Reader and Button

读卡器、按钮安装高度为正常水电安装标准(1.45米),【廊坊堆积门】硬质快速门应预留多大安装空间 ,所有外部设备引入制器的线头不能拔得太长,以免外露造成短路现象。

The installation height of card reader and button is the standard of normal hydropower installation (1.45 meters). How much space should be reserved for the rigid fast door of Langfang Stacking Gate. The wire head of all external equipment introduced into the device should not be pulled out too long to avoid short circuit caused by exposure.

2、 电插锁安装

2. Installation of Electric Interlocks



The door electric latch with enclosed frame is installed in the very middle of the door frame. For the glass door without frame, the middle line is 25 mm away from the inner side, that is, the middle line of the lock. Then a matching glass door accessory is installed on the glass door.


3. Installation of Controller


When the controller is installed, it is easy to maintain and safe.


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