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"Xingtai Fast Gate" Pvc Fast Gate Factory is guaranteed after direct sale



The automatic and manual electric control mode is adopted in the express door. This control mode is the current control mode of most high-speed rolling doors. The automatic control of opening and closing the door is completed. Xingtai express door.


In order to facilitate maintenance, the fast rolling door should have manual and automatic mode. When the signal acquisition device detects someone approaching the door, the door is not opened or no one approaching the door and the door is not closed.


The PLC action output signal opens the control point and the motive turns forward or backward to open or close the door. When the shutter finds the pinch phenomenon, the shutter stops the switch and the shutter automatically enters the process of opening the door.





The following are the control requirements for the fast lifting door:


In the waiting time of 8 seconds after the door is opened, if a person passes through the photoelectric detection switch K2 or K1 from outside to inside or from inside to outside, he must restart the waiting time of 8 seconds and then enter the closing process automatically to ensure the safe passage of the person.


After the door stays at the opening position for 8 seconds, it automatically enters the closing process. The closing actuator KM2 is started and the motor reverses.


Fast rolling curtain door can meet the needs of high-function logistics and cleaning workshop. Its main function is to quickly isolate air convection, so as to ensure the dust-free air quality in workshop. It has the functions of heat preservation, moisture preservation, dust prevention, wind protection, sound insulation and odor prevention. With the domestic demand for product quality, the rapid lifting door has become an important pillar industry in the industry sector, represented by Hebei Tongjue door industry.


Open the fast roll door; after a period of time, the system automatically closes the fast roll door. This method is now in common use.




"Xingtai Fast Gate" Pvc Fast Gate Factory is guaranteed after direct sale


Automatic mode: When people and vehicles come to the door of the shutter, "Zhangjiakou Express Gate". The operating system detects the presence of people and vehicles through infrared sensors or ultrasonic sensors. When people and vehicles pass through, the system detects the information and automatically closes the shutter.


This way is excellent. However, due to the high price of various sensors, they are not widely used at present.


When fully automatic fast shutter door opens and closes high-speed door, the speed of motor is the fastest, and the speed of fast shutter door rising and falling is also the fastest. If safety measures are not taken, people or objects passing through the express doors may be damaged or damaged.


Therefore, safety measures are the most important for the high-speed rolling shutter system. First of all, the system should be able to detect whether there is an object under the door, that is, it can implement low-level protection. Secondly, after the high-speed door collides with the object or joins the staff.



Fast shutter: Fast shutter has a variety of colors to choose from. [Beijing Longsheng Gate Industry] Fast shutter manufacturer which is good? For example: yellow, white, blue, red, orange or all-clear. The window can be rectangular or elliptical, which increases the safety and management convenience.


Do not install contactor between power supply and fast shutter frequency converter. Operate the start or stop of frequency converter. Otherwise, it will affect the application life of fast shutter frequency converter.


The main circuit terminal wiring must be correct, *** is the power input terminal, and must not be mixed with U.V.W. Otherwise, the transducer will be damaged in power transmission.


Please install the electronic control box on non-combustible materials such as metals to prevent fire. 8. Please choose a safe area to install the fast-rolling door electronic control box, to prevent high temperature and direct sunlight exposure, to avoid moisture and water droplets, normal electronic control box is strictly prohibited from water spraying, otherwise electrical components in the box will be damaged.


The electronic control system of high-speed rolling doors can only be used in places. [Beijing Longsheng Gate Industry] Which fast door manufacturer is good? The rest of the harsh environment may lead to fires, electric shocks and so on.


In the same control cabinet, Please add a cooling fan, so that the temperature in the cabinet is below 40 degrees Celsius, in order to prevent overheating or fire.


Don't install the electric control box of the quick-rolling door in the environment containing the sexual gas.


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